Why you should make a bad video game

This may sound like a cliche, but I started programming to make video games. It has been a long time since I made my first hello world, when I decided to make my first video game. I just said "I decided" but not "I made".

My first try was with blender a tool for build 3D animation and games, but I stayed frustrated after several attempts to make a basic character. Maybe I thought I could get something like Grand Theft Auto in my first project.

After a few years, I discovered a game engine for android, with this engine I could make 2D games which is easier for beginners. With a couple of examples later I started the best platform game about Naruto, however, a month later the project was canceled after do a character walk and jump. I expended too much time dealing with perfect sprites and try my game to looks like a PSP game or so on.

Then I don’t know how I found an article by Jennifer Dewalt who made 180 websites in 180 days, that wonderful feat made me see the things in another way. She did 180 “Very simple websites“ that allowed her to do things on time.

After I get inspired I said to myself, what if I do the simplest game I would play. The next day I started making my first game, while I was doing it I did everything about game development. Things like image editing, make sprites, look for free music resources and Fx, gameplay etc. After 30 days I did my first game, it was a bad game and very hard to play, but It was the project that made me happy.

The lesson my friend, your first game must be small for dealing with everything quick. You have to expose it as soon as possible and get feedback about it. Don’t feel shame because the game is not enough good like a popular console game, just focus to make the simplest game that you would play.