How I became an indie game developer
Making 2d games
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I share the things that I going learning in my indie way

2d Games

Enjoy some games that I did. Not guarantee it will be perfect but if they can inspire you when making your own.


Maybe you can find useful some of my game recipes and other related topics that I consider useful.


Coming soon I will have available an ebook of mobile and html5 games Subscribe to find out as soon as ready.


Doing wins to dream, talk and plan.

Kamikaze Attack

My first game, one pretty bad but necessary


Texts I would have liked to read when I started my way

Hello everyone

Hi, I'm Ezequiel from Dominican Republic a video game lover

Ezequiel Salas

Indie game developer

I started studying programming with the purpose of making video games, much time has passed and other stuff have delayed my purpose. I decided to focus my free time making games and share my experiences.

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